Consider changing your meter

One of the simple ways to save money is looking at changing your meter. There are a number of options and it is probably best to seek advice and think which one will suit you best.

The type of meter you have can have an effect on the amount you pay. There are different types of meter mainly classified as prepayment (key or card) or credit (billed meters). Here’s how the latter can save you money.

Credit meter (where you receive bills) can open up lots of opportunities to make savings that aren’t available with prepayment (key or card)

The savings regularly amount to £400 and more per year – so if you think you could manage paying monthly – you should consider changing.

The main things to consider before swapping to a credit meter:

  • Could you manage monthly payments?
  • Do you have a bank account and are happy to use direct debit?
  • Do you have access to the internet (to get online account management, direct debit discount and dual fuel discount)?

These can be really easy and well worth the money but they must be options which are best for you.

It should be free to switch your meter if you do it through your current energy supplier, but we recommend that you ALWAYS confirm this before agreeing to this.

If you think your meter is faulty, firstly monitor meter readings more closely on a daily or weekly basis and compare this to your usage. Then contact your supplier to discuss and in some cases they will arrange to have the meter tested or replaced.