Take charge of your bills

Find energy bills confusing? Watch this video to make sense of them

Have you ever felt like your energy bills are written in a foreign language? Or that your supplier doesn’t give you answers to the questions you are asking? You are not alone… Use these tips to take control and get energy costs down whilst also knowing how much you are spending.

It might be worth switching…

Comparing tariffs is so easy and there’s no obligation, you may even be able to stay with the same supplier and it can take just one short phone call to find out. Simply follow this easy guide.

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Actual vs estimated billing

Keeping on top of your energy finances is key. Check that you are being charged for what you are using – no more and no less.

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Get a smart meter

Don’t like phoning the energy companies? A smart meter can make energy bills painless by sending your readings direct and showing the cost of your gas and electric each day.

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Check your account regularly

It can be tricky but it’s worth knowing about your account. Use these guides to help work out your bill and what it means.

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Consider changing your meter

Changing your meter can save you hundreds of pounds each year, but it’s true it’s not right for everyone. See if it would suit you.

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