It’s easy to forget about the hallway, but there are ways to save money here.

Keep reading to find out how!


External doors

Draughts not only feel horrible but they could cost you £80 each year. Covering draughts can make things much more comfortable but often means you have to actively ventilate your property more by using windows and extractor fans. Particular consideration should be given in the Winter to prevent a build-up of moisture and condensation which is most common in kitchen’s and bathroom’s.

Take a look at this video for tips on reducing condensation.

Top tips

  • Identify where draughts are coming from and use draught excluders
  • Check for keyholes, cat flaps and letterboxes and add covers as these can let in cold air too
  • Use curtains and thermal linings across external doors as well as windows to further protect

What you can do / things to look out for:

Medium difficulty

  1. Servicing window catches
  2. Filling mortar which has crumbled
  3. Installing extraction fans where possible
  4. Insulating walls and lofts, including loft hatches
  5. Along the top and bottom of skirting boards – use sealant to fill the gaps.


  1. Draught proof around the seals of windows and doors (internal doors may help as well as external)
  2. Chimney openings can be covered – chimney balloons or umbrellas available
  3. Covering disused vents
  4. Covering the letterbox
  5. Covering keyholes