Looking for ways to save money on your bills in the bedroom?

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Curtains make a big difference to the thermal loss, even against double glazing since glass is a weaker spot in comparison to walls. Blinds can be good too, try to go for thermal blinds if you can. If your home is particularly chilly in the Winter, look for windows that aren’t used that often as well as those in the main living areas.

Top tips

  • Thermal linings can make a huge difference; they can be easily added, even if the curtains are already lined.
  • Have them open during the day so that the sun helps heat the room, close them at dusk to keep the heat in.
  • Setting your curtains at the right length is important. Too short and you may be letting draughts in, too long and you may cover the radiator where heat can go up the back and out of the window.

What you can do

  • Blankets or fleeces pinned to the back or across doors could be a low cost or instant alternative to adding an additional thermal layer.
  • Curtains can be good draught barrier across doorways too, make sure this is done properly and Worthing Homes residents should ask for permission before carrying out changes to the home.