Bath / Shower

Each person can save £35 over a year by changing the way they shower, with a family of 4 that totals £140!

If you have an immersion heater, plan for everyone to shower around the same time or times. You can set the water to come on and heat up for the period necessary, you could do the washing up at the same time and turn the heater off once finished. You do not need to keep it switched on all day and night. Some have 2 elements which can heat half or the whole tank depending on your needs. Combi boilers heat just the amount you need.

Top tips

  • Shower instead of taking a bath
  • Use a shower timer – try to keep showers at 5 minutes
  • Consider catching the water whilst the shower heats up to use watering the plants

Watch this for handy tips to reduce condensation

What you can do

  • Add a water saving shower head to your shower – they are low cost and they reduce the amount of water used by spreading it out more
  • Find a shower timer, or even an egg timer
  • Aerators can be added to your bathroom taps to reduce the amount of water used.