Relish your home

Power hungry properties and households cost up to 50% more to run!

Many people believe the only key to keeping bills low is through having new boilers and windows, but this is a myth! Of course it is true that every little bit helps and this is very important, especially to reducing carbon.

The biggest reductions in energy bills come not only from the fabric of the building but largely from changing the way you use and pay for your energy.


Lots of appliances that use lots of energy! Use them wisely and it can be a great place to cut your energy bills.

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Living room

Spend most of your time in the lounge area? Make sure you don’t waste energy or money here.

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Just passing through? Make sure your energy is doing the same.

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Not usually the largest room in the home, but there are still lots of opportunities to save energy in the bathroom. Read on to find out more.

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Sleep soundly in the knowledge everything is off and it won’t cost you a penny…

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