Relish power tools

We have put together a few tools to help you identify whether your usage is low, average or high – and whether there are savings to be had.

Average usage

The chart below shows estimates of the average spend on fuel (gas and electric or only electric if you don’t have gas) according to whether you are a high, low or medium user of energy. Look for your property type or occupancy, then find how much you pay each week month or year to find out what type of energy user you are. If you are a high energy user you can find out how to save on this site. Don’t forget that energy charges are higher in the winter than the summer so it is best to find how much you pay over the year, if you use the week or month figures, do your best to work out what it averages at over the course of the year.


Average usage chart

Property Occupancy Low Year/Month/Week Medium Year/Month/Week High Year/Month/Week
1 bed flat Single / Couple £500 / £42 / £10 £700 / £60 / £14 £1100/ £92/ £21
Small terraced Single/Couple/(Small)Family £600 / £50 / £12 £1000 / £83 / £19 £1400 / £116 / £27
Large detached (large) Family £700 / £60 / £14 £1100 / £92 /£21 £1500 / £125 / £29

Most people in the South East are on Water meters. This table shows whether your usage is high, medium or low for the number of people living in the home. You can find the number of cubic meters you use each year on your bill from Southern Water. The charge of your bill is per cubic meter for freshwater and waste water, the overall charge is currently £3.50 per cubic meter with Southern Water (£1.25 for fresh water, £2.25 for waste water)


Annual water usage in cubic metres

Number of People Living at Home Type of usage Low / Average / High
1 45 66 100
2 55 110 136
3 82 136 175
4 110 165 210
5 136 182 245
6 155 200 265

Water calculator

Don’t forget, for every bit of warm water which is wasted, it is not only costing you in water which you are but also the energy used to heat it.

Toilet flushing accounts for 30% of total water usage, Personal washing – baths and taps is around 21% whilst showers can account for 12%, Clothes washing 13%, Washing up 8% Outdoor (car washing and gardening) 7%, Other 5%, Drinking 4%

Find out how your usage compares using the water calculator by clicking here

Home Energy Check

Energy Saving Trust have made it easy to identify how you personally could reduce your bills and be more comfortable, some is through changing how you use your energy and some through low to medium cost measures. It takes about 5 minutes, so why not have a go with the tool by clicking here.


Carbon Calculator

Look out for your household carbon footprint – all you need is your annual usage or spend on gas and electric. Reggie’s carbon footprint for last year was 1.77 tonnes of carbon per year which cost around £13.00 to offset! You can find out about shopping and flights too.


Independent Comparison Sites

Independent and not pressure selling – they can help you to see how your tariff compares, also show tariffs available from smaller suppliers which are gaining in popularity.

The sites listed here are accredited by OFGEM, the government regulator of gas and Electricity markets. It is listed under the ‘confidence code’.

Energy Helpline

Main telephone: 0800 074 0745
Visit the Energy Helpline website »


Main telephone: 0800 849 7077
Alternate telephone: 01259 220000
Visit the Energylinx website »

Main telephone: 0333 123 1983
Visit the website »


Main telephone: 0203 468 0461
Visit the MyUtilityGenius website »

Simply Switch

Main telephone: 0800 011 1395
Visit the Simply Switch website »

The Energy Shop

Main telephone: 0845 330 7247
Visit the The Energy Shop website »

Main telephone: 0800 860 6844
Visit the website »


Main telephone: 0800 051 5493
Visit the uSwitch website »


You will need five key pieces of information to do the comparison and one additional thing should you want to switch supplier:

  1. How you pay e.g. prepayment, or direct debit etc.
  2. Who is your supplier (for each fuel), e.g. British Gas, EDF etc.
  3. Tariff Name
  4. Do you have economy 7 (2 rates) for electric (a different (cheaper) rate of electricity for night time)
  5. Annual Usage (for each fuel) in KWH

All of this should be available on a bill (or an annual statement if you use key/ card meters) or simply by phoning your energy supplier and asking them to provide you with each of the above.

Although we provide a guide on averages to help you see whether it is normal usage we would never ever carry out using a very good estimate of your personal usage at least.

Those organisations listed here are approved by the government body OFGEM – they are listed under what is called the confidence code, we recommend running two or three Those organisations listed here are approved by the government body OFGEM – they are listed under what is called the confidence code comparisons with different organisations to try best to cover the market.

If you would like to switch:

  • The switch will currently take around 20 working days,
  • You have around 2 weeks to opt out of the contract should you change your mind.
  • Following that the admin of the switch over period begins and lasts up to 5 working days.
  • The new supplier should contact your old supplier directly and agree the final / first meter reading – which they will probably request from you.

Works to the building

ECO is legislated by the government, funded through energy suppliers and often delivered through approved installers.

The legislation clearly states there should be no pushy sales, if you feel you have been approached by an illegitimate organisation or pressurised, contact the relevant contact below who can check whether they are approved with the correct accreditations and notify the local trading standards department so they can monitor your area and make other aware.

For home owners: Your Energy Sussex is the best place to direct your queries to the right place should you be unsure but to give an overview of some existing schemes; The Green Deal is a loan, not a grant you must have a clear credit history and Private renter should try landlords and x if there is no response try…