Priority Services Register

Extra help is available through your energy supplier if you have special requirements. This is free to join, so register if you qualify.

Each energy supplier has slightly different qualifying criteria. But they generally centre around retirement age, people with health conditions that can be exacerbated by the cold for example breathing, mobility, heart or circulatory issues. It is particularly important if you are reliant on an electrical appliance for a health condition (this could include breathing apparatus or a fridge to keep insulin).

The services you can access are:

  • Free annual gas safety check
  • Moving a meter to a more accessible place if you currently have difficulty reading it
  • Bills in large print or Braille
  • Password scheme for engineers who visit so you can ensure they are who they say they are
  • A member of the emergency services to be contacted

Again, not all services are offered by all energy suppliers so it is worth checking if this is important to you before switching.

If you do switch suppliers and you know that the new supplier does run the priority service register you will need to re-register your interest.