You and your energy

Who wants to pay the energy supplier more than they need to?

There are three key areas to look at to get this reduced:

Then take a look at the list of products in the Power Tools section which can also help. It shows extra things you can get low cost or sometimes free to maximise the savings on your energy use!

Managing your bills and financial help section covers the best ways to keep bills low by making sure you only pay for what you need to.

‘Relish’ your home

Better energy habits = lower energy bills. We show you how to reduce wasted energy while still remaining warm and cosy. Make your home more energy efficient through small affordable changes.

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Take charge of your bills

Use our quick and easy guide to understand your tariff and meter, and what works best for you. Access the 20 most popular suppliers’ numbers.

Don’t forget that 0800 numbers and 0300 numbers are free from mobiles – 0345 are like making a local rate call and will be included in any free minutes.

Our top tip: talk to your supplier! A few questions listed in this section can help you know what to say to your suppliers.

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Find financial help

Take a look here to see if you are eligible for any grants through the different sources in this section.

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Relish power tools

Easy to use links and tables; provided to help you better understand your energy use / costs and how you can change it.

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