A number of projects going on to improve sustainability and efficiency behind the scenes at Worthing Homes and in the Local Area.


Gas Connection Project

Worthing Homes is currently working to improve homes with electric night storage heaters by offering residents the opportunity to upgrade to a gas central heating system. The Relish™ adviser helps residents through the process to achieve lower energy costs and more comfortable homes.

Local Energy Tariff Community Energy

Worthing and Adur  are working in association with West Sussex County Council to introduce a local energy tariff – This offer is not yet available but watch this space!


Renewable Energy

We are beginning to monitor the efficiency of solar panels to see if there is more

All who rent including Worthing Homes’ residents must ask permission before installing solar panels but anyone is free to switch to an energy supplier of their choice.

Smart Metering

Smart Metering will be introduced throughout the country until 2020. It is being rolled out by energy suppliers and can be useful to get the benefits of discounts available to credit meters and knowing your charges day-by-day of prepayment meters. October 2016 sees the transition to smart meters which can be used between all suppliers. Contact us for more information.


Energy Switch

Worthing and Adur Council run Energy Switch throughout the year.

It works by getting as many residents as possible to register an interest in taking part – the more residents that register, the better price as we can potentially get from the energy suppliers, and the more money you can save. There are two or three auction rounds per year, and for each auction we aim to create a large group of residents with the intention to compare, switch and save.

EYE project

This project stands for ECO young Engaged, it is set up or local schools and young people who wish to make a difference


Worthing Homes Community House: Veg growing for the juniors

Have a look at the Community House website and get involved in all sorts of activities including veg growing on our ECO patch.

Transition Town incredible edible feast

Transition Town Worthing are a local group interested in a number of issues but if you’re interested in learning how to grow your own you might want to look at their grow local project incredible edible feast. Contact them to see how you can get involved with them and community veg growing.


Sustainable Sussex

Sustainable Sussex is a community garden project based at Worthing Leisure Centre, working with people who find access to the workplace difficult due to diverse needs and individual difficulties.

The garden project forms the base of our activities. We grow food (including chillies) together to help boost our local economy whilst creating meaningful and environmentally sustainable activities for volunteers.

Sustainable Sussex is about people, places, lifestyle, economy and creativity.

Council Energy Switch

Councils around the country have been running something called ‘big energy switch’ Worthing and Adur are participating, sign up here to receive your offer.